At Matica Biotechnology’s 25,000-square-foot GMP facility in College Station, Texas, we offer fully integrated solutions for cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic vectors and other biotherapeutic products.

Cell and Gene Therapy Expertise

Matica Bio’s accomplished team uses leading-edge technologies to accelerate innovative cell and gene therapy products to market. We are ready to meet the biopharmaceutical industry’s growing needs for viral vectors and cell therapy production.

The key is faster delivery without sacrificing quality or safety. Our new facility is designed for rapid development, scale-up and production for clinical supply, but our experienced teams provide the quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure success. Solely committed to our clients’ commercialization goals, we have the expertise and an advanced, modular system to provide the flexibility to adjust resources required depending on client needs and product requirements.

A Message From Our CEO, Yun Song

Manufacturing Technology Partnerships

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In our partnership with Sartorius, we are developing and optimizing advanced viral vector manufacturing through single-use platforms and automation for faster, safer and higher quality production.

In our partnership with Texas A&M University’s Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing, we are jointly working to develop innovative manufacturing technology to reduce the speed of virus-based therapeutics production.

We’re aiming to improve multiple components across the cell and gene therapy production process — from ease of manufacturability to real-time data readouts — reducing costs and solving anticipated challenges of large-scale cell culture and viral vector production. These collaborations are just the start of Matica Bio’s commitment to continue building research and expertise for successful product development at this facility and through future expansion.

Matica Bio’s Chief Operations Officer, Mike Stewart
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Manufacturing Services

Under the guidance of our expert team, Matica Bio adheres to the highest production standards:

  • 100% single-use platform technologies
  • Suspension and adherent manufacturing
  • Hybrid technologies such as the use of microcarriers
  • Purification with large-scale filtration and chromatographic unit operations
  • GMP manufacturing up to 500L production scale
  • GMP fill & finish services

Product Release and Stability Testing

Matica Biotechnology offers fully integrated service, including release & stability testing of manufactured drug substance. Matica Bio is there to drive your product forward with the utmost care and expertise. See below for the list of example testing offered at Matica Bio:

  • Viral particle titers
  • Infectivity assays
  • Molecular assays
  • Immunoassays
  • Sterility analyses
  • ICH stability chambers