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The Matica Bio team brings an average of 15 years of cell and viral vector manufacturing experience to the development and manufacture of your advanced therapy product. At our purpose-built GMP facility in College Station, Texas, we provide rapid development and scale-up of cell and gene therapies, vaccines, and oncolytics meeting worldwide regulatory compliance. Whether your product development program requires fast access to GMP manufacturing, process optimization to improve titers or purity, or a comprehensive development and production of clinical supply, we are there to help guide you and deliver exceptional results.

The true value of a CDMO is determined by the quality of its people. Bring your concept to reality with the experts at Matica Bio.


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Who We Are

Matica Bio is at the forefront of biopharmaceutical research and development. From our industry-leading experts to our new GMP facility, we have the wisdom and capability to take your therapy from concept to commercialization.

This is our story, our mission, our vision. Discover what Matica Bio can do for you.


Quality is every patient’s right and every employee’s responsibility. Quality provides a competitive advantage and is ingrained in Matica Biotechnology’s core principles, from concept through the final product. Our clients’ cell and gene therapy products touch human lives; therefore, quality is the true measure of our success.

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Our Experience

Matica Bio consists of a dedicated team of experts. We’re a cell and gene therapy CDMO powered by people, and our people provide real benefits to the quality, safety and speed of cell and gene therapy development pathway. Our inventive thinking and foresight help us strategize the best path to take your therapy from the lab to the market.

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At Matica Bio, we take pride in our people; that’s what makes us a truly special in the CDMO industry. If you would like to be part of an innovative, industry-leading organization that is brimming with opportunities, we’d love to hear from you.