College Station, TX December 15, 2020:  Matica Biotechnology, Inc. (Matica Bio), a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in the clinical and commercial production of cell and gene therapies, today announced the signing of a lease agreement for its GMP production facility located in College Station, TX.  Construction of the 25,000 ft2 facility will commence in Q4 2020 and will be dedicated to the production of viral vectors used in cell and gene therapies, vaccines and oncolytic products. When completed, the facility will provide Matica Bio’s clients with comprehensive viral vector development, manufacturing and analytical services centrally located in one of the fastest-growing biotech regions in the United States.

Utilizing platform technologies and systems designed for the rapid transfer of production processes from pilot development into GMP manufacturing, Matica Bio is addressing the industry’s acute need for fast and reliable scale-up of viral vector manufacturing to keep pace with the accelerated clinical development timeframes often associated with many breakthrough therapies.

Dr. Byung Se So, CEO of Matica Bio stated, “The promise of mitigating and in some cases curing diseases with very few current effective treatments has created a large demand for the production of viruses for advanced therapies. In a very short time, the industry has experienced a severe lack of global GMP cell and gene therapy production capacity that has been exacerbated by the race to develop and manufacture a Covid 19 vaccine.” Dr. So continues, “Matica Bio has recognized this need and has initiated the first phase of establishing a global framework to direct our client programs from the clinic to commercial production in a rapid, but cost-effective manner, while meeting the stringent quality requirements demanded by the world’s regulatory agencies.”

CHA Biotech CEO, Sang Hoon Oh, stated, “We are pleased to launch the global CDMO business with Matica Bio. CHA Biotech will provide full support and investment to help Matica Bio establish a competitive position in the Unites States. Utilizing the global healthcare network of CHA Group and its links with local hospitals, R&D Centers and companies in the U.S., we believe Matica Bio will achieve differentiated synergies in the viral vector CDMO business.”

Matica Bio’s Texas facility is scheduled to open in Q3 2021 utilizing a bioreactor-based platform.  Matica Bio’s development and operations staff average over 10 years in the viral vector CDMO industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and operational experience together to drive our clients’ product development success.

About Matica Biotechnology, Inc.

Matica Bio, an affiliate of CHA Biotech, provides viral vector GMP manufacturing services for cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic vectors and other advanced therapy products. Our GMP facility in College Station, TX is designed for the rapid development, scale-up and production of Lentivirus and AAV products for clinical supply. Matica Bio offers process development, production, product release and stability assessment of viral vector products; together with the quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure our clients’ success. 

For more information on our company, or to inquire about our services, please contact us at, or visit

About CHA Biotech

CHA Biotech is a global biotechnology company with subsidiaries in Korea and abroad. We develop cell therapy products including stem cells, umbilical cord blood, and NK cells. The CHA Biotech network develops and produces critical medicines for incurable diseases and includes CMG Pharmaceutical, CHA Vaccine Institute, CHA Meditech, Seoul CRO, Solidus Investment, and Matica Biotechnology. 

CHA Biotech along with CHA University, CHA Comprehensive Research Institute, and hospitals at 61 sites in 7 countries, develops and expands a unique model integrating research institutes, commercial biotech and hospital systems to provide intensive basic research, prompt and effective clinical trials together with global development and manufacturing capacity.