Paul H. Kim

Business Strategy and Operations Expert

Paul H. Kim is an accomplished biotech industry veteran, bringing over 29 years of leadership in CDMO, CRO and corporate biotech management & investments.

Over the last two decade, Paul has served as CEO, Chief Business Officer and Managing Partner, driving tranformational growth for Genopis (Wacker US), WCCT Global (Alta Sciences/NOVO Holdings), Novartis Venture Fund Asia (Korea), and POSCO BioVentures.  Most recently as WCCT Global’s Chairman, he led the company’s turnaround in 18 months to its highest revenue & profit.  

Paul also founded Korea’s first Cross-Border Healthcare Private Equity Fund – Forward Equity Partners (Formerly Medivate Partners).  With focus on gene and cell therapy, the Fund led the buy-out investments of Cognate Bioservices (Charles River) and Cobra Biologics (Charles River).  Paul also has founded Genopis – US-based pDNA CDMO that has grown to become Wacker US Inc.  With over 10 global biotechs and 4 CDMOs (including Matica), Paul has invested & guided emerging generations of GCT CDMOs and therapeutic companies. In addition to Matica, he currently serves on the board of SCAI Therapeutics, and also Riva Therapeutics in San Diego. Mr. Kim received his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Cell Biology from U.C. Berkeley and is a graduate of Life Sciences Executive program.